Today we visit the light filled family home of Amy Hawkes, a dear friend, founder and creative director of the long standing Australian accessories brand The Horse. Her taste, impeccable. She has a knack for finding the fun but giving it space in simple settings - whether it be her wardrobe, her home, a table setting or the woven picnic mat she’ll whip out for friends to sit on. 

We spent the afternoon before school pick up opening up her infamous (amongst friends) capsule wardrobe, light filled beachside home and finding(looking for) some fluff in a sea of heart expanding reading that she’s currently doing. If you're doing a bathroom reno you'll appreciate our deep dive straight up. I guarantee you will feel warmer after this read with Amy feat her gorgeous Spanish water dog, Bobo. 

19th April 2024, Cronulla, Australia.

Amy I loved having the peak into your daily spaces and where some of the daily routines happen for your family.  As I told you I think your kids bathroom is my favourite I’ve been in. Can you tell me where you even started with that - was it a colour or a material, or…?

A: So generous of you to say that. It was the hardest room in the house to crack, but I had set myself a brief to create a family bathroom that felt more like a continuation of our home than a “bathroom-y” space.
I kept the tiles to the wet area and opted for painted walls and timber skirts. And when we walked past THAT bath in the window (note: that being the infamous Water Monopoly bath in the English Tapware window) I knew that would bring all the joy and whimsy and polish that the family bathroom would need. My Dad made me the step stools for the kids basins for Christmas and I’ve enjoyed painting them to match the seasons - a sour buttercream yellow for Summer, and now back to my fave blue.



Was there an interior designer or anyone you consulted with or did you have your own vision?

A: It was my own. The words I bounced everything up against for our home were warm, relaxed and natural. I liked the challenge of it feeling deceptively simple and unassuming but with some stylish nods if you went looking. My favourite homes over the years are unapologetic that a family lives here and I love the sense of play and charm that fills a home with. I love coming home to see our white fence with chicken wire and the haphazard butterflies the kids have stuck on the windows. She’s smiley and friendly and approachable and I love those kinds of people. I mean homes.


Your ensuite bathroom is also beautifully simple and warm, what were your prerequisites (or maybe constraints) for that one?

A: It’s a space that really only we ever see, so I wanted it to feel serene and calm. Using the one large tile said nothing and everything all at once. Again, the timber joinery and Oak mirrored vanity and keeping one wall without tiles opting for paint instead made it feel like another homely space. 


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You mentioned the public bathroom inspiration which really tickled me because only you could translate “public toilet” into something so chic. Explain for the people! 

A: Being in Cronulla and a short walk down to the beach, I wanted our home to feel coastal but without being Hamptons style or Mediterranean or whatever. I’m a big advocate for it feeling Australian. I took inspiration from the local public change room off Oak Park Beach. Makes a great little shaving ledge or coffee bench or catch up seat and I love the play on Aussie surf culture. 

What’s one thing you fought for in your home renovation that you’re so glad you did?

A: Skylights. And 100 x 100 pool tiles in beige so the pool throws a lovely natural greeny blue

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Shower, morning or night? Both. Sweaty sleeper in AM, cheap therapy in PM.

Hair: air dry or blow dry? Air dry.

Skin care, do you have a routine or mix it up?

A: I’m SO low key, I’m wondering when I’m meant to start ‘growing up’ here and become a real lady! Always Weleda Skin Food and sunscreen, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and some Westman Atelier blush stick.

As I get older I need to incorporate my Vitamin C and Retinol bits but got to get on board with how it feels on my skin. I’ve just added a spray of Lesse Regeneration Mist into the mix and I love it. Just seeing the milky colour of it on the vanity brings me joy. 

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For as long as I’ve known you you’ve been an advocate for outfit repeating which I love and find very freeing. Have you always been like this or has it evolved? 

A: I think it’s evolved as I get more confident and comfortable in my own personal style and the way that intersects with the seasons trends. Plus it’s so efficient just sticking with a formula that works for you and the way you live.


Circling back to design, it is part of your work designing new ranges almost constantly and is evidently embedded in you as part of the way you see and do life. What inspires you or where do you go for design inspiration?

A: Anyone close to me knows that I am taking my Copenhagen phase VERY seriously and I may never come out of it. We were lucky enough to go there with our family last year and it continues to reverberate in me. 


What do you do if you’re not feeling creative but need to create, like in a work situation?

A: Trust my eye and my gut.

What’s the last thing you bought , or what’s a brand that you think more people should know about?

A: I pre-ordered a copy of The Selby Comes Home on Amazon.
Family life and their creative spaces. One of my favourite combos. 

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Shop towels

Amys pick: Salento Stripe set in Stone

Photographed and interviewed by Rachel Kara Ashton, founder of Fridah