Inspired by Puglia, Italy

Salento dreaming

Puglia, the unpolished heel of the Italian boot, is where we long to linger. And we're taking you (geographically) one step deeper to the southernmost part - the Salento region.

A place to glean from as we look to master the art of living for 'dolce far niente'...the simple things or sweet nothingness. 

Creamy Baroque towns sandwiched between two different seas with layers of art and architecture and authentic rustic charm. Abundant olive oil and wine producing hinterland which leads down to dramatic coastlines of grottos, cliffs and rocky beaches you definitely need a sun lounger to perch yourself on.

From this dreamland, we have taken reference of the buildings, the landscape, the limestone, the sea, the pace, the doorways, piazzas, rendered walls, contrasts and colours. 

Come bathe in the light of the Salento.