Fridah makes towels that are quite simply, good in all their ways. 

We are here to bring you daily luxuries with a hefty dose of practicality.

Beauty at the centre of it all.

From the founder, rachel kara ashton

After a decade or so as a food and lifestyle photographer it was my job to find the light and capture something beautiful in any situation I found myself in. Working with artists, chefs, designers and being in all kinds of wonderous homes and spaces gives you a kind-of sixth sense as you become attuned to all the little details that make things just feel right. In amongst the luxury of this world I worked in what I noticed were the things that people treasured most were the pieces and places with a story to tell, and ones that had lasted test of time. 

So that’s what I have set out to do with Fridah, create beautiful objects with a story to tell. 

The dream is to have these towels being reached for in your home for years to come, to have them thrown on the back seat for your afternoon dip, to swaddle your kids in them as they come out of the bath, to stretch out on and read in the shade on a warm day, to celebrate a new home or marriage or the completion of the renovation you dreamed of (and also probably never want to do again).

And yes they're just towels, but if you let them they can be so much more than that. 

We are so thankful to have you here and I hope you will come on the journey with Fridah, we're just getting started.